After many year of traveling, early mornings, too little sleep and way too much food, I still can’t resist keeping up that lifestyle and heading for new adventures. Many of the trips I’ve made in recent years have been to pretty unexpected destinations, places I normally wouldn’t think about.

craigh kopia



Wine is made pretty much everywhere in the world, but here in the Nordic region we still tend to focus on European wines. That’s why in 2012 I traveled to work for Craig Hawkins at Testalonga in the Swartland Region, some 50 km north of Cape Town, South Africa. That’s when everything started.

Bernard Van Berg kopia



I spent twenty weeks or so in this very different, and very beautiful, environment. At first I didn’t feel all that comfortable there since I had no prior knowledge of the type of work that I had to take on. I’m a fast learner though and time flew by so quickly. Upon my return home to Sweden, I was already heading to yet another winemaker and towards new adventures. I’m lucky to be so spontaneous and to take risks in situations. Risky situations create memories for life, and friendships that never seemed possible. The result is a network I lean on often and in multiple ways.





Moving from one continent to another, I’ve always kept my head high and always been open for new friends and connections coming my way. I’ve been accepted to the circles, and been humbled by generosity and the cultural diversity I’ve encountered. I’ve been documenting everything carefully, and made an effort to build up strong relationships and trust. To communicate winegrowers’ true reality, the toughness of their hard work from January to December, is absolutely crucial.





Faces in this album. Bernard Van Berg. Filippo Rizzo. Francois Saint-Lo. Mario Roagna. Sylvére Trichard. Julien Guillot. Lorenzo Corino. Salvo Forti. Craig Hawkins.




By: Palle / Viniologi   Translated: Edith