PAJP Podcast 001 Odd Beat



Since the first issue of pajp MAGAZINE is taking on the amazing city of Gothenburg. Have I also chosen to only work with music from the city of Gothenburg too. It’s been really difficult to Select only a few songs of all the amazing music created in Gothenburg. Eventually it ended up with a few new songs, some older personal favorits and a lot of unreleased material.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the result and a big thanks to all the artists, keep doing what you do, you are amazing!

Track list

1: Polisen – Whispering Palms

2: The Embassy – I-D (Polisen Remix)

3: Anton Klint – Spritzer pt 2

4: Ishivu – O (vad det låter bra)

5: Cazuma – Yume

6: Jonsson\Alter – Brevet hem

7: Genius Of Time – Tuffa Trummor Med Synt

8: Exotic coco Magic – Holiday Diver

9: André Laos – Yield