SWEET & SOUR the column by Edith Salminen is a gastronome’s ponderings and adventures in the world of good food. Edith’s love for food? It’s intense and deep. Food, and the people and places behind it is what rocks her world. A holistic gastronome and food culture specialist by profession, Edith is insatiable for the stuff that makes her heart beat. Follow Edith, her big mouth and her sharp pen as she seeks out the most amazing food experiences near and far.



Speaking 6 languages (the 7th is coming along nicely), Edith is at her best in an international setting where there is a need to understand and decipher complex and intertwined realities. Since January 2015 Edith runs her own one-woman business Eies & Co through which she works with various food related projects all over the world. What Edith likes doing the most is creating better communication strategies for food producers to help them highlight the added value in their products.



Edith also does product scouting, food writing, workshops, lectures, consulting and the list goes on.When she’s not out travelling she also co-runs a 0,5HA farm and mini-vineyard right outside Copenhagen. Edith holds two Master’s degrees, one in European Cultural Studies and the other in Food Culture and Communication.





Edith has previously worked with Nordic Food Lab, Fool Magazine, VICE Munchies and Cook It Raw just to name a few.

Get in touch with Edith:

Email: edith@eiesco.com / Twitter: EdithSalers / Instagram: edithsalerss / www.eiesco.com