Logical thinking around wine sipping Viniologi is a collage of one man’s experiences and encounters in the world of wine. A humble wine lover with an open mind, Daniele Fherm (the man behind the self-invented concept) pays attention to all the smallest details. He’s always curious and ready to question the subject dearest to him.


Viniologi opts for the natural movement in small-scale winemaking, and Daniele himself prefers pictures to words. He keeps the talking for the many têtê-à-têtes he gets to have with some of the best winemakers in the genre from South Africa to Sicily and beyond.

When Daniele first started working in the industry he never thought the restaurant scene and the wine snobbery would become his profession. Sixteen years later he wouldn’t have it any other way.



Daniele’s advice: Always keep a good bottle near. Follow Daniele and his Viniologi as he travels in the search of genuineness in winemaking. He’ll do his best to bring you the many, and often very different stories and philosophies of natural winemakers.